FlowerS !!!!

Daily floral arraignments

We grow an enormous variety of flowers and are adding more every season. All of our flowers are chemical free. You can get a beautiful bouquet to take home for just $7.50 at the farm daily!

Wedding floral arraignments options

There are several different options for wedding flowers. 

1. Full service floral arraignments. 

If you prefer to make  more personal floral arraignments we also sell buckets of flowers that you can arraign yourself 

2.Fowers by the bucket that can be put together by  another florist.

3.Flowers by the bucket that you can put together yourself.

 Weddings arraignments can be ordered in person, by e-mail or phone or 360-599-1095, 7996 my baker hwy.  There is no wedding to small or to big.  Please contact us for pricing. 

Special events and orders

You have a special event coming up and need some table arraignments or flowers by the stem for a little  pop? We can do that too.  You are welcome to stop by the farm stand and pick out some premade arraignments or you can put in an order for some more personal arraignments. 

Our great prices make it easy to add a little color to an open house, your air bnb, a charity event, or just a couple arraignments for your home.