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How our farm got started and a little bit about Ben and Tyne your farmers

Our Farm stand is open daily!!!

At Kragnes Family Farms we pride ourselves in bringing the best quality product to our community at a more affordable price. Although we are not certified organic we follow all organic standards. Using organic pest control ( such as neem oil, lady bugs...), organic fungi control (such as copper...), flame weeding, high tunnels, low tunnels, green houses, mechanical and hand cultivation, healthy soil practices, companion planting, and crop rotation we are able to bring you clean healthy food from just the two of us. Although we may be allowing a intern opportunity this season.


 Ben and I grow around 7 acres of vegetables consisting of over 50 varieties of produce, and have about 15 acres of pasture land for our cattle, sheep, and chickens to graze . We will be providing up to a 50 member  CSA this season and would love to have you join us for our fourth season in Washington. 

Our Farm stand is open daily where you can buy fresh produce, soaps flowers, and more. Chickens can be ordered through e-mail phone or at the farm.  There are also several options for wedding floral arrangements. 

Every year is different but we are planning to start our first delivery mid July. By becoming a member of Kragnes Family Farms CSA you will receive 17 weeks of fresh, chemical free produce straight from the farm, as well as a weekly newsletter, you pick events, and farm events. We are so excited to be farming in beautiful Whatcom County and look forward continuing a happy healthy relationship with our community .

please feel free to contact us through e-mail or phone

tyne@kragnesfamilyfarms.c om 


7996 Mt Baker Hwy, Maple Falls, WA 

Kragnes Family Farms is a historical chunk of land in between maple falls and glacier Wa, in beautiful Whatcom county. Years ago our land was called the loop ranch. It was the last place you could get a gun and a donkey before you headed up to mine for gold. It resided with the Hanson family for many years and then Ben and I (Tyne) purchased it 2014

 over the last five years we have reclaimed the land and are now raising chemical free produce, meats, soaps, and flowers for our community. 

Prior to farming in Washington  Ben and I successfully ran a 13 and a 1/2 acre chemical free vegetable farm in Minnesota for 5 years. In our final years of farming in Mn we provided healthy local foods to 175 CSA members, several restaurants, grocery stores, schools, daycares, retirement homes, farmers markets, and food shelters.

We enjoyed working with several groups and educational programs to share the knowledge of growing and eating healthy foods.

On our land we also raised 600 pastured chickens a year for meat. All chemical, antibiotic, GMO, and steroid free. As well as the occasional pig.

Both Ben and I knew that we would like to farm somewhere closer to the mountains. We finally made the jump and are now able to ski and farm in the same place!

2017 was our first season providing a larger quantity of produce in Washington. We were very happy with our CSA shares the last couple years and we look forward to many more.

Now we are providing 50 members with fresh produce through the CSA, keep a fully stocked farm stand, provide handmade soaps and have fresh flowers available daily. As well as raise up to 500 pasture raised chickens for meat

Mission statements –our mission is to bring fresh local produce to our community at a more affordable price., educate by sharing knowledge of organic farming, and live as sustainably as we can.

Company policies – We are very strict with our organic methods. No chemicals, GMO'S, synthetic fertilizers, or any of that other junk. We follow all organic standers although we are not certified due to the cost. 

Ben and Tyne


Ben grew up on his family farm in  Minnesota's Red River Valley. Being a fifth generation farmer Ben's knowledge of agriculture started at a young age. After collage he spent some time traveling. Realizing that farming was in his blood he returned to the Red River Valley and continued farming with his father. After meeting Ben and I decided to start our small organic vegetable CSA. We ran our farm for 5 educational years when we decided to move our business out to the west coast. Ironically Ben's grandmother grew up not far from our new farm, on Point Roberts, and was in the first graduating class of  Bellingham High School. Happy with our choice we look forward to serving our new community.  


Tyne grew up in the small Minnesota town Detroit Lakes. Just 45 Minutes east of the Red River Valley. Coming from a dairy farm background agriculture was also in her blood. Along with cattle knowledge she  had large gardens in which she learned how to grow vegetables with her parents. After school she traveled from several years. On  return trip to Minnesota she met Ben and fell in live with the small farm that they decided to start. The rest is history.  


Is our farm  dog. He is  very friendly and loves to great our guests. he is a master chicken herder. 


is our farm cat who keeps up on our  pest control for us.